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5 Ways to Get Repeat Freelancing Clients

I've been providing WordPress services for a long time, and the best part about working with one-time clients has always been the opportunity to work with them again.

Get Repeat clients

Nothing beats earning repeat clients when it comes to the client-freelancer relationship. I've learned a few things from my experience that I'll share with you to assist you to convert your one-time client into a returning client:

Tips for turning a one-time inquiry into a repeat customer:

1. First Email:

“The first impression is the last impression,” as the saying goes, and this is true in the world of freelancing. The first email you send in response to a client's inquiry is the most critical element, and if you get it right, you may turn those inquiries into clients rapidly.

When someone inquires about my Blogspot to WordPress transfer service, for example, I explain everything, including what they will receive in the package and how we can get started.

This gives the client a clear picture of the process, the items included in the bundle, and, most importantly, it develops confidence. So, when a client inquires about your services, make sure your initial email is strong enough to hold the client's attention.

2. Instant communication method:

Who doesn't want their inquiry to be answered in a matter of seconds? Consider the following scenario: you and your client are in different time zones, and your client has a question. He/She needs to wait for at least

It took 12 hours to respond to her email, and the time discrepancy cost you a client. Make sure you provide the client with an additional form of communication, such as IM, Twitter, or a business phone number if you have one.

Because Skype is popular and widely utilized, I add my clients to it. And for my clients on the other side of the planet, I stretch my sleeping hours and schedule a meeting at a time that is mutually convenient.

3. Project requirement and Price:

When you're working on a large, continuing project, such as a WordPress theme or plugin, or anything else that's complicated. You should conduct a thorough study of the requirements.

Ascertain that you have received all of the client's inputs, which will assist you in starting and finishing the project. Once RA is complete, you should be clear on the project's pricing, as well as how you will charge for future maintenance, bug fixes, or enhancements.

This is a true lifesaver, and money issues will no longer bother you or your client. You will have a long-term client if you make everything clear from the start.

4. Unbeatable Support:

When you work with a client and build or design anything for him, support is an important element of the process. Questions, consultation, and minor bug fixes are all examples of support.

The majority of freelancers fail in this area. They try to put support emails on the back burner once they've paid for the work. Those of you who fall into the same group as the freelancers I mentioned earlier should immediately adjust your habits.

Better support means returning the client along with a nice testimonial, whereas an annoyed client means, bad feedback, and no referring client.

5. Upsell – Introduce more services

Here's another one that's crucial, and I learned from my error. I transferred a client's website a few days ago, and after the project was completed.

We were talking on Skype, and I noticed she was looking for a WordPress theme designer. This is one of the services I provide, and I'm surprised she didn't know about it.

I know I never told her about my other services and that date day was a lesson learned. From that day on, whenever a project was completed, I began emailing a pre-defined template in the following format:

Hey Name,

It was a pleasure working with you and glad that I have your name on my client list. I hope you enjoyed my services and if you would like to give me feedback on testimonial, I would love to receive that.

Also, I would like you to know I offer various services such as:

  • Website development
  • Website SEO
  • Website consultancy

If you ever need any of these services or want to know more about them, feel free to get in touch.

Before I end this Email, I would love to connect you on Skype @elitsavvy.

Thanks and Regards


Isn't it straightforward and effective? You can quickly raise your conversion ratio with this method, and you can also attract repeat customers.

One of the most important advantages of having regular clients is that they trust you and will recommend you to their friends first.

Do share your freelancing secret which makes your client a returning client?

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